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Rick Zampini

Rick Zampini is a Production Print Specialist for SymQuest's Document Solutions team. Zampini works with clients to provide efficient solutions to document output related problems specifically in the area of production print, and high capacity printing needs.
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Beyond the Recycling Bin: 5 Practical Ways Technology Makes Your Company Greener

Posted by Rick Zampini - October 17, 2017 - Tech Trends

“Going green” has become more than simply a buzzword today—it’s a necessity of doing business.

We all strive to reduce our negative impacts on the environment, whether it’s recycling food containers in the kitchen or implementing sustainable manufacturing processes. In Vermont, where SymQuest is headquartered, it will even be mandatory in 2020 for individuals and businesses to compost their biodegradable waste!

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4 Innovative Ways to Optimize Your University Print Shop

Posted by Rick Zampini - June 19, 2017 - Education

Gray Button "Print" on Modern Computer Keyboard..jpegIf you’re part of one of the countless colleges and universities that has brought printing and mailing in-plant, congratulations! The move has undoubtedly saved your institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in outsourced printing costs and become invaluable to faculty, staff and students.

But even with all the benefits an on-campus print shop offers, running an in-plant shop efficiently and profitably can be a challenge. Many university print shops struggle to constantly prove their value within the organization. Often, outdated or inefficient processes mean shops lose their appeal. As you know, the less effective your department is perceived to be, the less continued investment you will receive from the college.   

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[Guide] How to Protect Your Multifunction Printer From Cyber Attacks

Posted by Rick Zampini - June 28, 2016 - Secure Print, IT Security

Multifunction Printers (MFP), Multifunction Devices (MFD), and the office copier are all similar pieces of office equipment. MFP’s can scan to email, scan to folders, scan to cloud storage, fax, integrate with multiple types of workflow solutions and, oh yeah, they copy and print as well. MFP’s have all of the components a computer has on your network; hard drive, operating system, and network connection which can be wired or wireless.  During SymQuest's assessment process with potential clients we pose this question to IT professionals; why treat MFPs any different than computers on your network? In this guide you will learn how to protect your multifunction printer as part of cyber security for your business

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