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4 Powerful Ways Cloud Computing is Driving Manufacturing Growth

Posted by Erik Murphy - March 05, 2018 - Cloud Computing

Manufacturers in the U.S. take great pride in what they do—for good reason! The U.S. manufacturing industry is the largest in the world, producing 18.2 percent of the world’s goods, and is predicted to increase faster than the general economy in the coming years.  

Despite this positive outlook, our leadership position as the world’s top manufacturing nation is slipping. High operating costs and inefficient business practices are threatening companies that are unable to adapt. Luckily, new technology solutions are constantly emerging that help manufacturers overcome challenges, stay competitive, and drive growth. Perhaps the most outstanding transformations in the manufacturing industry are the result of cloud computing.   

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4 Ways to Connect Multiple Business Locations with Technology

Posted by Mark Jennings - February 05, 2018 - Mobility & IoT, Virtualization, Cloud Computing

Having multiple business locations is exciting. It’s a measure of your organization’s success, allows you to expand your reach, and brings even more great people onto your team.

But sometimes, it can feel like you’re running multiple businesses—not one. You want to set up your business technology so that your separate locations can communicate, collaborate, and share information easily and effectively.

Luckily, technology is evolving like never before to support growing businesses. It’s no longer necessary to incur large capital expenses installing legacy infrastructure in each location. Here are four ways that today's technology makes it easier than ever to streamline your operations across multiple business locations.     

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Scared of moving to the cloud? You’re not alone.

Posted by Bill Burbank - June 06, 2017 - IT Security, Cloud Computing

Recently a client told me that he was not interested in using cloud IT services.  When I asked why, he said “I just know my servers will be wheeled out of my office and I will never see my data again.”

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