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5 Reasons to Invest in an In-House Label Printer

March 31, 2020 - Office Technology

5 Reasons to Invest in an In-House Label Printer
Rick Zampini

Posted by Rick Zampini

A product’s packaging is arguably just as important as the product itself. A strong visual brand and a label that stands out from the rest can be the critical deciding factor when a buyer selects which product to buy. An in-house label printer places creative decisions and practical considerations in businesses’ hands rather than on the waiting list of an outsourced printing service. 

In-house label creation brings ideas to life, like small batches of customized stickers for events and holidays or unique embossed foil designs, and turns companies into their own number one printing client.

So what are some important factors to consider when jumping into in-house label production?

1. Convenience

In-house label printers provide quick and easy access to label production. If a new design doesn’t come out right, or there are last-minute changes to make, an in-house printer gives production teams the option to go in and make amendments from the get-go rather than ordering thousands of copies of an unsatisfactory label from the print shop that need to be rerun, ultimately wasting money and resources.

2. Customization

External printing services typically offer a select template of shapes, finishes, colors and strict character count for labels, making an eye-catching custom label nearly impossible to order. In-house label printers like the IntoPrint RP85100 offer customizable options to create packaging that fits and enhances a company’s unique brand. From foils to vinyls, matte to glossy, brights to pastels, an in-house label printer can bring any company’s wildest brand vision to life.

3. Print On-Demand

The new wave of mass customization creates opportunities for unique branding throughout the year, from special events to holidays to personalized marketing materials. However, the most cost-effective way to manage outsourced printing requires large volumes of the same material and limits the possibilities for targeted, personalized designs. Printing labels in-house provides companies with the opportunity to print just what they need for a specific, timely campaign without needing to produce outsized volumes for the sake of cost efficiency.

4. Meeting Quality Standards

In-house printing makes it easy for companies to be FDA compliant and follow direct food labelling standards. Regulations concerning adhesives and label components need not affect the design or quality of a company’s in-house label production. By controlling the printing process in house, companies can meet all necessary standards while maintaining a cohesive and high-quality brand across a variety of products, including food and beauty essentials.

5. Cutting Out the Middleman

By investing in an in-house printer, a company invests in itself as a client. No more waiting for orders from an outsourced production company, no more being relegated to a line of shipments. In-house services empower companies to become their own number one client by putting their needs first without depending on a third party service. From design customization to accelerated production times, an in-house service label printer meets each company’s needs individually.

Making the Jump

Mid-sized businesses often find that in-house printing services actually cut costs despite any initial concerns about up-front costs. By investing in time-saving production services that allow companies to oversee the entire creative process, businesses invest in themselves and in their branding. Unique, eye-catching packaging is an essential part of any company’s business plan, and an in-house label printer enables businesses to meet their needs in a rapid, customizable, and cost-efficient manner.

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Rick Zampini

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Rick Zampini

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