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Leadership and Communication During Turbulence

March 26, 2020 - Leadership, Business IT

Leadership and Communication During Turbulence
Meg Fleming

Posted by Meg Fleming

As leaders, we all know how important communicating the corporate vision and goals are to the success of our organization. It gives us a clear definition of where we are heading into the future. Sharing our plans with employees helps them feel connected and aligned with the direction of the company. In times of uncertainty, the need for this is more important than ever. 

The spread of COVID-19 in recent days has reminded me of the importance of communicating in times of uncertainty. I recall a great story one of my mentors always shared about leadership. Turbulence is expected when we’re on an airplane. Yet, when traveling into it, we feel better when the captain shares how long it will last or at least acknowledges the occurrence. When there is no communication from the cockpit, we can get anxious, uneasy, and worry about who is leading us to our destination and whether we will make it. 

In times of disruption, it is our obligation as leaders to share our plan to handle the ongoing turbulence. And we must share it in different ways across many channels. Doing this allows employees to gauge our expressions, body language, and intentions. Expanding how we communicate beyond the standard email will reassure your teams that we’ve got this and are in control of our destiny. 

A few of the communication channels I find efficient and widely accepted by my teams are:

Over the next few weeks and months, consider how you’re communicating with employees and stretch your borders beyond where they are today. Be the captain of your destiny and share the plan.

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Meg Fleming

about the author

Meg Fleming

Meg Fleming is currently the President of SymQuest, based in the South Burlington, Vermont and Westbrook, Maine dual headquarters. Prior to her appointment as President, Fleming served in various positions within the company including: Client Support Manager, Service Manager, Director of Service, Regional Director of Sales, and Chief Operating Officer. Fleming has a demonstrated ability to recruit and develop top talent, and has developed many of SymQuest’s existing employees into their current positions. Fleming’s leadership skills enable her to manage and coordinate teams to accomplish SymQuest’s strategic mission.