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What is Mobility Print? (+Advantages)

April 09, 2024 - Secure Print, Managed Print

What is Mobility Print? (+Advantages)
Joe Maynard

Posted by Joe Maynard

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, remote work became the new normal. As businesses continue to support work-from-home policies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is another emerging trend. It’s not uncommon for remote workers to bring their cell phones or laptops. 

In fact, even as early as 2012, a Cisco study revealed that 36% of companies fully support employee-provided devices in the workplace. Taking things a step further, companies have started considering BYOD policies concerning printing services, begging the question, how can organizations manage printing costs and increase efficiency with a remote workforce?  

Enter mobility print - PaperCut’s custom mobile and BYOD printing solution. Let’s cover the basics of Mobility Print, including its strategic benefits in today’s workforce.

How Does Mobility Print Work?

Before starting mobility print, it’s essential to understand how it works. There are four critical steps involved in executing this cloud printing solution:

  • Printer Discovery - Find the target printer for the specific job. Choose the discovery method that works best for you from options including mDNS discovery, DNS discovery, and discovery with a known host.
  • Job Delivery - Use the correct method to send the print job to the printer. The content is delivered to the Mobility Print server as a PDF file over the IPP protocol or HTTP API, depending on the user’s operating system. Three files are generated for every print job -  the content (*.pdf), options/instructions (*.ticket.toml), printing state (*.info.toml).
  • User Authentication - When installed with PaperCut NG/MF, Mobility Print identifies the user and associates that user with the print job. For most devices, the Mobility Print Application Server authenticates the user in real-time using Active Directory, LDAP, or G Suite. Industry standard HTTPS/TLS is used whenever possible, and Chromebooks leverage encrypted print jobs.
  • Secure Release - Find-Me Printing ensures the print job is promptly released when the user's identity is verified at the nearest print station. The user can swipe their access card to release a print job at the most convenient location.

Watch the PaperCut Mobility Print Walkthrough to see just how simple the process is. 

Mobility Print Key Features

Different business use cases can often require different printer features and considerations. However, there are certain things to look for in a high-quality printing solution. This includes compatibility, security, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. Mobility Print offers all of these benefits that appeal to business professionals today.


First, the solution supports all devices, including iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS. There’s no need to install specific drivers or track IP addresses. The ease of implementation allows users to set up their printing solution as needed regardless of operating system.


In addition to compatibility, Mobility Print keeps your company’s data secure by instilling user authentication procedures. Plus, the print audits and activity logs allow supervisors to manage their team’s print jobs and ensure compliance.

Cost Effectiveness 

Managing costs is also important when considering a print management solution. The basic solution by Mobility Print is a free alternative to Google Cloud Print. However, paid options are available for companies looking for better print management, control, and support.

Ease of Use

Companies must consider the implementation costs for a new print management solution. This simple self-setup and easy-to-use solution makes printing as easy as pressing CTRL+P or ‘print' from the computer’s interface. Find-me printing with one global print queue simplifies naming conventions and minimizes installation requirements.

3 Unique Advantages of Mobility Print

The core features of Mobility Print offer unique advantages for users above and beyond those offered by other mobile printing solutions. Here are the top three benefits of using Mobility Print:

  1. Added Convenience: It doesn’t matter if a user is in the office or at home - they should be able to print from any device thanks to the convenient print-from-anywhere solution that everyone will appreciate. 
  2. Increased Productivity: By reducing the internal IT team’s workload, mobile print solutions increase organizational productivity. By switching to a cloud solution like Mobility Print, you’ll notice a decreased waste of both time and physical resources.
  3. Improved Security: We partner with PaperCut to ensure your security is a top priority, which is particularly important for hybrid or remote work environments. With Mobility Print, you can achieve full compliance with company documentation and security policies.

Find Your Managed Print Service Provider

Are you ready to make the switch to a mobile print solution? Take the next step to implement a new printing service for your business that prioritizes security, productivity, and efficiency. If you’re still uncertain, reach out for a personalized printing plan. Learn how to optimize printing costs and maximize efficiency with managed print services

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