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Why Every Law Firm is Using Secure Print

January 19, 2016 - SymQuest Blog, Tech Trends, Secure Print, Legal

Why Every Law Firm is Using Secure Print
Christal Fleishman

Posted by Christal Fleishman

It’s never been a question. Every law firm should be using secure print, but does printing fall under Confidentiality of Information? The short answer is yes. It is your duty to protect client information – which includes paper files as well as digital. So what is the best way to protect these documents? Add a secure print solution to your office workflow.

What is secure print?

Secure print allows any user in your firm to send a print job to a designated machine. The print job is then held within your Multi-Function Printer’s (MFP) print queue until the user physically walks to the machine, enters their user ID, and prints the job in front of their own eyes. It is then the responsibility of the user to take the printed documents and securely use the files as needed.

Who should be using secure print?

Everyone. Yes, everyone. While paralegals will likely print the highest volume of documents in your firm, all users should understand how to use secure print and why it’s important. Any margin of error can result in a misplaced, or stolen, file. Missing files make your firm vulnerable to the public release of a case file, and/or privileged information.

How are the files stored?

Documents printed through a secure print process are stored in a virtual print queue. This print queue is located on a secure server in your place of business. While it’s important to implement secure print, you will also want to review the location of your servers and determine if your network infrastructure is secure enough to manage your secure print process.

Once a user walks over to your MFP, they will enter a code to retrieve their documents. The documents will then be pulled from the virtual print queue into the MFP and printed. It’s important to note that user ID’s are not stored within the MFP. Typically secure print user ID’s are setup using Active Directory. Users can also print securely using print cards.

Can I track how much users print and copy?

With the right software, yes! One of the best features of secure print is the ability to track your users’ usage of your MFP’s. You can determine who’s using the most paper, who’s only printing one-sided and in color, and even which department consumes the most printing resources. By managing this process, your Office Manager or Print Administrator can learn how to reduce printing costs, and limit certain printing privileges to users who may be abusing the system.

How do I get secure print on my MFP’s?

The capabilities of your secure print offering will depend on the vendor you select for secure print. There are manual options for printing securely; however, they can be tedious and may require a Network Engineer. If you want all of the functionality of today’s secure print offerings we suggest you give us a call. SymQuest has partnered with PaperCut to offer the latest features in secure print – leaving the work to us so you can focus on your caseload.

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