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8 Benefits of eFaxing for the Healthcare Industry

December 20, 2023 - Healthcare, Business IT, Document Management

8 Benefits of eFaxing for the Healthcare Industry
Mat Hourigan

Posted by Mat Hourigan

In the healthcare industry, it’s of utmost importance that document transmission is both fast and secure. eFaxing, or digital fax, blends the speed of modern digital systems with the reliability of traditional fax solutions. The result is a highly flexible and safe way for healthcare professionals to handle everyday document management

Let’s uncover some of the key benefits of eFaxing and learn why this form of digital communication is such an essential element of healthcare operations.

1. Efficiency

One of the most important advantages of an eFax solution is speed and efficiency. This rapid and instantaneous delivery is critical for an industry where every second counts. For example, when a critical patient’s treatment plan hinges on delivering medical records, there is no better solution than e-Fax.

These documents can move through healthcare providers, various facilities, insurance organizations, and even between departments in real time. They get exactly where they need to go in moments, not hours. This gives healthcare professionals the information they need to expedite diagnosis and treatment.

2. Accessibility

eFax solutions offer unparalleled accessibility. When healthcare workers need access to patients' records or other essential documents, they can do so from any location, at any time — provided they have access to the Internet.

With remote healthcare services on the rise, expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% from 2021 to 2028, the need for accessible digital services for everything from remote consultations to emergencies has never been greater. A doctor working on a house call or talking with a patient remotely can instantly receive a patient’s medical history via eFax, enabling better decision-making on the spot.

3. Accuracy

One standout benefit of an eFaxing solution is accuracy. The ability to accurately send and receive documents digitally minimizes human errors, which are often most associated with manual data entry and traditional fax systems. 

This level of precision is vital in healthcare. A single data entry error can lead to serious consequences. For example, in a situation where accurate medication dosage needs to go from pharmacy to hospital ward, eFaxing ensures this information is transmitted clearly and accurately. 

4. Security and Compliance

eFaxing elevates document security, using encryption and secure channels to protect sensitive information during transit. This is especially important for the healthcare industry, where adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is mandated. HIPAA provides national standards for safeguarding protected health information (PHI).  
A HIPAA-compliant eFax solution ensures PHI is securely transmitted across the internet so healthcare organizations can prevent data breaches and stay compliant with industry regulations. 

5. Environmental Benefits

eFaxing provides substantial reductions in everyday office resources like paper. When facilities reduce paper waste, they can contribute to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Especially for larger healthcare organizations, this shift away from paper-based practices can significantly reduce overall carbon footprint.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

The financial element of switching to paperless eFax can’t be understated. Healthcare facilities can quickly reduce costs by eliminating expenses related to traditional faxes like paper, ink, fax machines, and ongoing maintenance.

Cost savings are more than about equipment, though. An eFaxing solution also translates to less physical storage space and other costs related to traditional fax management. In almost every situation, eFax outperforms traditional fax in terms of cost and is the most financially prudent choice.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

Healthcare is a dynamic industry. Not only do trends and technologies change, but facilities grow, evolve, and expand. eFax offers organizations effective tools for scalability and flexibility. These systems can effortlessly adjust to changing operational demands like increased transmission volume or growing organizational complexities. 

From small clinics to large hospitals, eFax services can be tailored to fit the needs and demands of the facility. This ensures healthcare professionals have the adaptable and scalable solutions they need to provide unparalleled service to patients.

8. Integration with Existing Healthcare Systems

The integration of eFaxing with existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare management systems is a game-changer. This level of healthcare interoperability leads to more efficient workflows and gives healthcare workers the ability to send, receive, and store faxes directly within their primary operating system.

With seamless integration comes enhanced communication, reduced administrative burdens, and, ultimately, better-coordinated patient care.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance with eFaxing 

eFaxing takes healthcare document transmission into the digital age without sacrificing any of the security or compliance benefits of traditional fax. With the right eFax solution, healthcare facilities can keep documents secure while streamlining communications across the care continuum.

Get in touch if you’re a healthcare provider looking to implement eFaxing. At SymQuest, we’ve partnered with OpenText, the world’s most complete and integrated Information Management platform, to provide our clients with modernized eFax capabilities.

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