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Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings is SymQuest’s Area Vice President of IT Sales. Jennings works with SymQuest’s sales and service teams to educate customers on current best practices around data protection, disaster recovery, security, and overall technology planning.
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How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Creates Better Data Protection for Businesses

There isn’t a business today that doesn’t rely on their IT resources being safe and available. Downtime is expensive and stressful, and even short periods of downtime can cause chaos. As if that wasn’t enough to keep you up at night, an outage or other event that causes data loss could be the end of your business. Many businesses that suffer major data loss never recover.   

Protecting data and maintaining a high level of availability for critical applications is one of the IT department’s core functions, but it’s not always easy. In fact, many organizations only do the bare minimum to protect their data. Why? Traditionally, adding layers of protection has been expensive and complex.

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4 Ways to Connect Multiple Business Locations with Technology

Posted by Mark Jennings - February 05, 2018 - Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobility & IoT

Having multiple business locations is exciting. It’s a measure of your organization’s success, allows you to expand your reach, and brings even more great people onto your team.

But sometimes, it can feel like you’re running multiple businesses—not one. You want to set up your business technology so that your separate locations can communicate, collaborate, and share information easily and effectively.

Luckily, technology is evolving like never before to support growing businesses. It’s no longer necessary to incur large capital expenses installing legacy infrastructure in each location. Here are four ways that today's technology makes it easier than ever to streamline your operations across multiple business locations.     

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Why Human Error is Your Biggest Cyber Security Vulnerability

Posted by Mark Jennings - November 02, 2017 - IT Security

It happens every single day—people open emails from unknown senders, click on mysterious links out of curiosity, and even print out sensitive information and leave it sitting on the printer.

These actions certainly aren’t uncommon. But when they occur at your company, it’s a major problem for your business’s cyber security.

In this day and age, you know that IT security is vitally important to your business. It’s just as important as the physical security of your building. Firewalls, email filtering, security patches—these measures are well-known to businesses of all sizes. However, even if you have the right security software and monitoring in place, you may still be overlooking the biggest threat of all to your IT security: your employees.

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