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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is currently the Vice President of Service and Support for SymQuest, and is based in the South Burlington, VT and West Lebanon, NH office locations. Davis is responsible for the network and client support teams at SymQuest. Davis started with SymQuest in April of 2007 as an Incident Response Engineer. His love for customer service and technology quickly led him through various engineering positions where his passion for process improvement and motivating team members advanced him to management positions with increasing responsibilities leading to his present role as Vice President of Service and Support. Kevin holds many industry IT certifications and was a member of True Profits Group.
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How to Reduce Future IT Costs with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

It’s a constant struggle for any business leader. As your company continues to embrace tech-driven advancements, the demands on your enterprise IT are intensifying—and it’s nothing less than frustrating. You need more data storage and network capabilities than ever before, while simultaneously trying to trim the budget.          

That leaves your IT team to either cut their overall costs, or to do more with the existing budget. Obviously, neither of these is an ideal solution given the ever-increasing needs of your company. Still, you’re faced with the age-old challenge: do everything faster, better, and cheaper.    

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What You Should Know About the Cisco WebVPN Vulnerability

Posted by Kevin Davis - February 02, 2018 - Important Information

On Monday, January 29th Cisco announced a high-urgency vulnerability impacting SSL WebVPN services on a wide range of products. 

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Understanding the Spectre/Meltdown Exploits

Posted by Kevin Davis - January 05, 2018 - IT Security, security

A hardware security flaw has been reported this week that affects processors manufactured by Intel, AMD, ARM and POWER.  This vulnerability, if exploited, would be executed through malware infections, and could gather sensitive data such as passwords and encryption keys from computing devices.

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