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Why Your Business Needs a Complete Cybersecurity Platform

October 29, 2021 - Cybersecurity & Compliance

Why Your Business Needs a Complete Cybersecurity Platform
Erik Murphy

Posted by Erik Murphy

The attack surface for businesses is quickly expanding due to evolving cyber attacks and the increased adoption of digital platforms and advanced technologies such as cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT).

Businesses with an expanding attack surface require a complete and simplified cybersecurity solution that protects their organizations’ vulnerable assets and confidential data from sophisticated cyber attacks.

Businesses of all sizes can leverage our strategic partnership with Fortinet to implement a complete cybersecurity platform that provides comprehensive visibility and protection across devices, users, endpoint, cloud, software, and infrastructure, ensuring complete protection across an organization’s entire attack surface.

The Growing Need for a Complete Cybersecurity Platform

There are two main reasons why organizations need an all-in-one cybersecurity platform: the rapid implementation of new technologies and the continued use of disconnected security tools.

Rapid Implementation of New Technologies

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the adoption of advanced technologies to help support the implementation of remote and hybrid workforces. The accelerated adoption of technologies has left some organizations without a strategic cybersecurity plan that accommodates their increased attack surface.

Nearly 80% of businesses are introducing innovations faster than their ability to secure them against cyberattacks. When security is an afterthought and deployed ad hoc, the resulting solutions create more complexities that further limit visibility and restrict control. It’s one thing for organizations to adopt new technology, but it’s another thing to adopt a new technology securely, strategically, and with cybersecurity in mind.

Continued Use of Disconnected Security Tools

Businesses have grown accustomed to adding isolated security tools rather than implementing a forward-thinking and cohesive cybersecurity strategy. The practice of adding disparate security tools to protect a function or one segment of the network in isolation has made maintaining organization-wide visibility and consistent policy enforcement challenging and next to impossible.

This approach to cybersecurity has unveiled a massively important insight: the more cybersecurity tools a business deploys, the less effective its defense is. The widespread use of too many cybersecurity tools may contribute to an organization’s inability to detect and combat an active cyber attack.

According to IBM’S Cyber Resilient Report, businesses that deploy over 50 cybersecurity-related tools ranked themselves 8% lower in their ability to detect threats, and 7% lower in their defensive capabilities compared to other companies employing fewer toolsets.

What is a Complete Cybersecurity Platform?

A complete cybersecurity platform is designed to unify disparate security tools and create one holistic and intuitive platform without compromising performance, protection, scalability, or innovation.

An all-in-one cybersecurity platform enables businesses to consolidate their security into a single, integrated platform that provides the following benefits.

  • Expands visibility and control across the entire organization
  • Ensures the consistent deployment and enforcement of cybersecurity policies
  • Enables centralized management across the entire distributed network

Here is how our strategic partner, Fortinet, describes its cybersecurity platform:

"The Fortinet Security Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity platform, powered by FortiOS, with a rich open ecosystem. It spans the extended digital attack surface and cycle, enabling self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data, and applications.”

Protect Your Business with a Complete Cybersecurity Platform

For effective security, businesses need to shift from protecting security perimeters to protecting data spread across edge environments, users, systems, devices, and critical applications with one intuitive and high-performing cybersecurity platform rather than multiple disparate and isolated security tools.

Businesses should partner with experienced cybersecurity specialists to integrate a cybersecurity platform that comprises best-of-breed security products and solutions that ensures protection of their confidential data and minimizes their growing digital attack surface.

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