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Christal Fleishman

Christal Fleishman is SymQuest’s Marketing Manager based in South Burlington, VT. As a modern millennial marketer, Fleishman manages all aspects of advertising for SymQuest including branding, social media, lead generation, campaign management, and strategic planning.
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The Equifax Aftermath: How to Protect Consumers and Businesses from a Data Breach

Posted by Christal Fleishman - September 09, 2017 - IT Security, security

On July 29, 2017 the widely used credit reporting agency Equifax suffered a massive data security breach. Nearly 143 million Americans may be affected as a result of the breach, and vulnerable to identity theft. The breach exposed highly sensitive information including social security numbers, phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, and credit card numbers among other information. 

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4 Ways to Implement Secure Printing for Law Firms

Posted by Christal Fleishman - February 13, 2017 - Secure Print, Legal

With the number of documents that flow through your law firm on a daily basis, the majority of your files are likely confidential. Tax information, insurance details, client financial data, medical information, criminal backgrounds, depositions, evidence—all of these records get printed at some point.

Printers are so ubiquitous that most firms don’t realize they are also a security risk. But today’s printers are advanced, and many are fully-fledged networked computers. Protecting your clients’ information falls under Confidentiality of Information, whether it is a digital file or a paper file.

Here are four ways to ensure that your firm’s printing environment is safe by implementing secure printing best practices:

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The Top IT Security Threats to Your Business

Posted by Christal Fleishman - December 28, 2016 - Tech Trends, IT Security

Each day cyber criminals pour a cup of coffee and sit at their keyboards ready to attack. The attacks are digital in nature, but have long-term, and costly, effects on your business. Today's IT managers and decision makers need to be armed with tools to combat cyberwarfare. In this post we will outline the top IT security threats to your business, and how you can prevent hackers from taking control of your assets.

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