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Why Your Remote Workforce Needs an Off-Network Printing Solution

June 11, 2021 - Secure Print, Managed Services

Why Your Remote Workforce Needs an Off-Network Printing Solution
Joe Maynard

Posted by Joe Maynard

In today's increasingly dangerous digital playground, business leaders are feverishly committed to securing networks and data now more than ever. Businesses are faced with the challenge of minimizing their attack surface - including printers - while still providing remote workers the necessary resources to efficiently do their jobs.

Businesses of all sizes can leverage an off-network printing solution such as our SafetyNet SimplePrint solution to provide your remote workforce with accessible, intuitive, and secure printing without the need for expensive virtual private networks (VPNs).

What is Off-Network Printing?

Off-network printing refers to the process of leveraging internet access to allow end-users to send print jobs from anywhere at any time to a printer located behind an organization’s firewall.

A managed print solution such as SafetyNet SimplePrint leverages a strategic partnership with PrinterLogic, a world leader in serverless printing infrastructure, to deliver a solution that combines PrinterLogics’s comprehensive off-network printing solution with SymQuest’s continual IT support. By providing an intuitive way to access office printers from anywhere at any time, employees, contractors, and partners can conveniently and securely print while residing on different networks and bridge the gap between remote employees and in-office printers.

Why is the Demand for Off-Network Printing Increasing?

There are two important trends fueling the demand for off-network printing. One is the wide adoption of the remote workforce. Remote employees need the ability to print to printers located at the main office in order for remote workforces to remain productive. While larger enterprises may have the resources and bandwidth to implement a robust VPN, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need a more cost-effective solution.

The second shift driving demand for off-network printing is the reliance on more contractors, guest workers, and affiliate partners who are not allowed on company networks, but who still need to print. An off-network printing solution will enable business continuity without compromising security.

How a Comprehensive Off-Network Printing Service can Benefit Your Remote Workforce

An off-network printing solution includes many benefits for remote workforces but also encapsulates broader business-wide benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Eliminating on-premise print servers
  • Simplifying print driver deployment with printing defaults 
  • Support for the print manufactures native driver with full functionality 
  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Providing powerful real-time reporting tools
  • Supplying flexible OS-agnostic solutions - supports all major operating systems (Windows, MAC, Chromebooks)

>>> Download the free Simple Print Managed Direct IP Printing Solution brochure  and discover the full benefits of off-network printing.

For the purpose of this blog, we will be focusing on the top ways an extensive off-network printing service can benefit your remote workforce.

1. Enables Enhanced Security

The right off-network printing solution will include advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption. SafetyNet SimplePrint’s off-network printing feature prohibits confidential data to remain in the cloud and is encrypted at their origination point, providing an extra layer of protection. SafetyNet SimplePrint also conforms to the AWS Security Pillar.

2. Provides an Intuitive Printing Experience

Since off-network printing parallels regular printing, there is little to no additional employee training required. End-users have the ability to print within the given document or web page as usual, providing a simplified printing experience that keeps remote employees productive and stress-free.

3. Facilitates Mobile Worker Productivity

Businesses that implement an off-network printing solution provide mobile employees the tools needed to maintain productivity and print to a corporate network printer from anywhere at any time. Providing easy corporate printer access to remote employees fosters increased collaboration with office-based staff and simplifies document-sharing for better project management.

Start Printing Anywhere, Anytime With Your Custom Off-Network Printing Solution

A customized off-network printing solution like SafetyNet SimplePrint enables businesses of all sizes to keep their printers on secure corporate networks while simultaneously providing an avenue for all workers to print, no matter the place, the time, or network. SafetyNet SimplePrint leverages the powerful features of PrinterLogic’s off-network solution with our continual IT support to ensure a hassle-free printing experience for remote employees.

Businesses should partner with a managed print service provider to implement a custom off-network printing solution to provide remote workforces with easy-to-use tools that enable productivity and ensures document security.

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