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Zix | AppRiver Degraded Services

Posted by Matt Weber - November 17, 2023 -

About the Alert

On November 16th 2023, Zix reported issues with email delivery when routed through Zix encryption services. The issue has been identified by Zix as a hardware failure and is currently being addressed for resolution.

Until Zix has resolved the identified hardware issues, individuals sending emails through Zix for email encryption may receive an undeliverable message. 

Further information from Zix can be found here.

Key Takeaways:

Reported incident is due to a system hardware failure within Zix's infrastructure  and is currently being addressed by Zix.

The email delivery interruption is affecting email sent through Zix encryption services.

Service Restoration

Until Zix has resolved the degraded services, there is a temporary solution to bypass Zix encryption, which is to be used with extreme caution and at the discretion of your organization. Please note that this temporary solution would be sending unencrypted email and would not be suitable in situations that require encryption of sensitive email communication.

If you are a Zix subscriber that is experiencing email delivery issues through Zix encryption services and assistance is needed, please reach out to your SymQuest Account Executive for further information.

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