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WebP Codec Vulnerability

Posted by Matt Weber - October 06, 2023 - Vulnerability, Browser

About the Alert

A critical vulnerability was recently disclosed that affects WebP, an image file format commonly used in web browsers. The consequences of this vulnerability may result in crashes, arbitrary code execution, or unauthorized access to sensitive information. Specifics of the vulnerability can be found here

Key Takeaways:

  • Critical severity
  • Malicious actor(s) could execute arbitrary code or gain access to sensitive information
  • Requires web browser update to address the vulnerability

Mitigating the Vulnerability

For patch managed customers, SymQuest will be updating supported 3rd party browsers on workstations and servers during the month of October. 

For all others, it is urged that web browsers be updated. Below are vendor specific links for information on updating web browsers.

For mobile devices, owners of these devices should update web browser applications via the device's official app store.

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