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Moving to a Serverless Printing Infrastructure: SafetyNet SimplePrint

May 14, 2020 - Managed Services, Office Technology

Moving to a Serverless Printing Infrastructure: SafetyNet SimplePrint
Joe Maynard

Posted by Joe Maynard

Print servers are one of the top sources of frustration in business printing, and can hinder the efficiency of an entire organization. Cloud-based managed print services (MPS) eliminate the need for a print server infrastructure, cutting down both on costs and calls to the help desk.  

The Next Evolution in Network Printing

Organizations can simplify their printing processes by eliminating the need for print servers. But how else can a web-based MPS such as SafetyNet SimplePrint benefit your organization?

  • Central Management: With an easy-to-use admin control panel, changes made by any administrator are automatically updated on all end-user printers to ensure constant consistency.
  • Pull/Follow and Secure Printing: Users can release print jobs to printers using network credentials, ensuring a secure printing environment.
  • Deploy Managed Direct IP Printers: Easily deploy printers to end-users through IP ranges, or Active Directory users, groups, or computers.
  • Self-Service Printer Installation Portal: To simplify the installation process, end-users will have the ability to self-install printers with a single click, significantly decreasing the number of help desk calls.
  • Simplified Remote Session and VDI Printing Environments: Printers in session will be able to be auto-deployed based on the IP address of endpoint devices. Large print jobs will be able to be compressed before they are sent across WAN connections.
  • Print Job Auditing & SNMP Monitoring: Tracking and auditing jobs help control costs and manage resources, from proactively generating reports, tracking and auditing print jobs by user, department, job title or printer

Discover SimplePrint

A managed print service, such as SafetyNet SimplePrint, can help eliminate unnecessary print server infrastructure, reduce costs of server hardware and print-related support calls, and streamline the entire printing process within your organization.


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