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Top 9 Benefits of AP Automation Software

June 27, 2023 - Business IT

Top 9 Benefits of AP Automation Software
Joe Maynard

Posted by Joe Maynard

Businesses are always on the lookout for digital systems that streamline operations, improve overall efficiency, and help them maintain a distinct competitive edge. One area that many organizations place their focus is on accounts payable (AP).

The right document management solution can replace manual tasks, reduce human errors, and create significant cost savings. Let’s explore the role of AP automation software in a modern business, discover some key benefits, and demonstrate why this digital approach to AP management is a real game changer for businesses.

What is AP Automation Software?

Accounts payable automation software is a tech-based solution that streamlines and automates accounts payable processes. It digitizes paper-based tasks associated with vendor invoicing, making the entire AP process more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Automation software tackles several challenges for the accounts payable department and handles several key tasks, including:

  • Invoice data capturing
  • Invoice and purchase order matching
  • Workflow approvals
  • Timely payment facilitation 

The goal is to reduce the need for manual data entry and paper-based accounting, which, in turn, mitigates the risk of human error while creating better tracking and controls for critical financial data. 

This kind of automation process helps employees maintain accurate records, optimize cash flow management, and ensure enterprise-wide regulatory compliance. Automating manual tasks like those of AP teams is increasing in popularity, with around 70% of organizations set to implement some level of operational automation into their businesses by 2025. By creating a system that focuses on timely payments and clear communication, businesses can also strengthen vendor relationships and drive future potential business opportunities. 

Top Benefits of AP Automation Software

As more businesses turn to tech-based solutions to streamline their daily operations, AP automation software is coming into focus for its substantial list of benefits. Let’s explore nine key benefits of this impactful technology so you and your team can make a more informed decision.

1. Improves Efficiency

Accounts payable automation software optimizes the entirety of the AP workflow — including managing and paying a company’s bills. By automating time-consuming manual tasks like data entry, invoicing, and approvals, organizations can process invoices faster and more efficiently. 

2. Reduces Errors

Human hands managing payments often lead to errors, like duplicate entries, wrong amounts, or missed payments. With AP automation, the risk of human errors is reduced, helping facilitate a more accurate and reliable accounts payable process.

3. Cost Saving

As an AP automation software system reduces errors and improves efficiency, it also helps a company save money. Not only does automation software heavily reduce the need for paper resources like invoices and checks, but it also reduces labor costs. Furthermore, with accurate and timely payments, businesses can avoid late payment penalties.

4. Enhances Visibility and Control

One of the key benefits of AP automation software is real-time visibility into an organization’s payables, allowing for optimized cash management. Most software options also include tracking features, giving businesses more control over the invoice approval process and payment schedules.

5. Streamlines the Audit Process

Since AP software stores all invoice and payment data, this information is easily accessible. This feature makes the audit process run smoothly. Auditors can quickly and easily review data, such as invoice images or approval histories.

6. Enables Scalability

As a business grows, the volume of data processed by accounts payable increases as well. Automation software is critical to helping these organizations handle the greater volume of invoices with ease without straining AP teams or necessitating the need for additional staff or resources.

7. Integrates with Existing Systems

In most cases, an automation system like this will operate alongside several different digital business systems. AP automation software needs to be highly adept at integration with a company’s existing accounting, ERP, or document management systems like an ECM. This means information can seamlessly sync across these systems without the need for manual data entry.

8. Optimizes Remote Work

With around 39% of global knowledge workers in hybrid and remote work environments, it’s critical that companies adopt the tools to allow their employees to work from anywhere. With cloud based AP software, staff can easily approve invoices, make payments, and perform other AP-related tasks from anywhere in the world.

9. Reduces Fraud

With features to implement strict controls, such as workflow approvals and duty segregation, AP automation software can help prevent possible fraudulent actions. Moreover, the software itself maintains a detailed audit trail of all AP-related activities, helping with the detection of irregularities and serving as a deterrent for future fraud.

Harnessing the Power of AP Automation Software

Implementing a robust AP automation software solution is no longer just a convenience but rather a necessity. By eliminating the hurdles from financial management challenges, reducing manual processes, and minimizing accounting errors, AP software frees up time and resources so your team can focus on other key strategic areas and boost overall productivity.

With the right AP automation software service provider, your business can implement customized strategies that tackle all your unique financial needs. 

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