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7 Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Business Network Environment

Posted by Mark Jennings - July 05, 2017 - IT Security, Managed IT

There comes a time in the life of every business when something needs to change with your IT. Whether your equipment is outdated, your processes are ineffective, or your entire IT system is simply failing, eventually you cross a line. Issues you were able to ignore before have suddenly gone on too long, and it’s time for a major fix.

When you're ready to design a new network environment for your business, you’re probably eager to get going and solve the problems you’ve been dealing with for so long. But designing a new IT infrastructure isn’t as easy as just buying some new equipment. If you’re going to invest in an IT upgrade, do it in a way that enhances and optimizes your business operations.

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5 Essential Steps to Discover Your Business’s IT Direction

Posted by Mark Jennings - June 29, 2017 - IT Security, Managed IT, Education

It’s possible that your business happens to have a seamless flow of IT infrastructure and policies that have been carefully implemented to create a successful network environment. What’s more likely, however, is that your IT infrastructure has been cobbled together over the years, upgraded in a piecemeal way.   

If this sounds like your company, you’re not alone. Many businesses don’t have an “IT plan.” They struggle to keep up with the latest IT best practices and only implement new technology when it’s absolutely necessary for operations.

Without a strategic direction for your company’s information technology, you’re putting both your business data and bottom line at risk. So, why plan a business IT direction?

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Scared of moving to the cloud? You’re not alone.

Posted by Bill Burbank - June 06, 2017 - Cloud Computing, IT Security

Recently a client told me that he was not interested in using cloud IT services.  When I asked why, he said “I just know my servers will be wheeled out of my office and I will never see my data again.”

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