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4 Innovative Ways to Optimize Your University Print Shop

Posted by Rick Zampini - June 19, 2017 - Education

Gray Button "Print" on Modern Computer Keyboard..jpegIf you’re part of one of the countless colleges and universities that has brought printing and mailing in-plant, congratulations! The move has undoubtedly saved your institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in outsourced printing costs and become invaluable to faculty, staff and students.

But even with all the benefits an on-campus print shop offers, running an in-plant shop efficiently and profitably can be a challenge. Many university print shops struggle to constantly prove their value within the organization. Often, outdated or inefficient processes mean shops lose their appeal. As you know, the less effective your department is perceived to be, the less continued investment you will receive from the college.   

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Should Colleges Charge Students and Staff for Printing?

Posted by Ken Godzik - June 12, 2017 - Education

If you find reams of paper and boxes of toner disappearing at an alarming rate at your college or university, you’re not alone. It’s a challenge every budget-conscious school faces—how to provide printing access for legitimate academic needs while weeding out wasteful, costly printing abuse.

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