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Protecting Your Campus and Community with Intelligent Video Security

September 11, 2019 - Security

Protecting Your Campus and Community with Intelligent Video Security
Mark Jennings

Posted by Mark Jennings

In today’s day and age, personal security is of paramount concern. This is especially the case when it comes to largely populated areas such as public schools and universities. But while campus security initiatives have always been prioritized to some degree, the availability of intelligent surveillance technology has enabled colleges and universities to significantly improve their security efforts while enhancing their operations. 

Here are some key areas where campuses are benefiting from intelligent video security solutions and how they can be implemented successfully.

Campus Surveillance, Protection, and Deterrence

While the level of security can vary from one campus to the next, all universities are expected to meet certain standards when it comes to providing a safe environment for both their students and faculty. Video surveillance monitoring has proven to be an effective method of deterring vandalism and crime on school property while providing a beneficial aid for criminal investigations. However, with today’s intelligent video solutions, organizations are able to get much more out of their security awareness and preparations.

Smart security solutions like MOBOTIX run on powerful proprietary analysis software, that allows surveillance systems to do much more than just record video. Intelligent cameras can be adapted to perform a number of task including thermal radiometry and spot monitoring to help detect potential fire hazards in all areas of a building. They can also be used in public parking areas to recognize and store license plate information to track activities of registered and unregistered vehicles. All the data collected from the cameras run through a command center that can be configured with other security devices and protocols to automate any number of campus security procedures.

Entry Control

Another area of security that is becoming more necessary is in entry control. While openness and accessibility is part of the culture on many campuses, security teams still need to strike a balance when it comes to maintaining the right level security. With the help of entry control systems, universities are able to keep that balance using IP access control technology in combination with smart video technology.

Entry control systems enable schools to automate their door schedules and maintain secure facility access for their students and staff. This not only helps to enforce safe practices for teachers and their classrooms but also lessens administrative bandwidths on security personnel who are tasked with securing certain zones of the campus and responding to emergency situations. Entry controls systems can also be fitted with two-way video communication for an added layer of protection and can also be used as another method of live video event monitoring in and around certain access points. 

Behavioral Data Analysis

The power and effectiveness of intelligent video security systems lie in their ability to run real-time analysis of statistical behavioral data on people and objects anywhere on campus. Using advanced heat map technology, these surveillance systems are able to measure all activity in and out of doors and corridors 24 hours a day. This data is then collected and stored in cloud servers or in on-premise storage devices and then can be analyzed over time.

Using advanced sensors and configurations, intelligent video solutions can be used to detect critical data in high-traffic areas and run a behavioral analysis on that information. For example, these smart security systems can recognize when there are unusual traffic volumes in certain areas of a building and give alerts to IT administrators about the anomalies. This not only helps to recognize security incidents as they are taking place, but can also be used to improve security personnel staffing decisions, enforce fire and safety regulations, and provide better insights on how to improve the overall operations of the facility.

Smart security technology has completely changed the way organizations plan and execute on their security initiatives. By providing better visibility, increased automation, and a unified view of security, intelligent video surveillance and entry control can maintain a safer environment for students and faculty while providing an effective method for vandalism and violence deterrence. 

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