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Printing in the Cloud: Why Your Business Needs Mobile Printing Now

September 17, 2013 - SymQuest Blog, Cloud Computing

Printing in the Cloud: Why Your Business Needs Mobile Printing Now

Posted by SymQuest

Advances in technology have not only revolutionized how business is done, but where. Cloud computing, when used in conjunction with Managed Print Services (MPS) offers the ultimate in mobile printing solutions, helping to control your company’s bottom line while providing employees a safe, secure way of printing outside of the traditional office environment; here’s how.

What is Mobile Printing?

It’s hard to remember a time before cordless and wireless technology. Phones were anchored by a cord, and business calls needed to be made from a place of business. Printing has evolved in much the same way, beginning with the copy room, moving on to wireless printing from a desktop and finally printing from mobile devices, such as an android or iPhone, iPad, or laptop.

The technology works in a number of different ways, though three vital components are required for each:

  • A mobile device with print capabilities
  • A means of connecting to a physical printer
  • A printer

Once these criteria are met, any type of document, webpage or image can be printed over a wireless network. Print jobs can either be saved and sent via email, to a secure cloud server to be printed at a convenient time, or sent directly to a wireless printer over a secure network.

The Benefits of Mobile Printing and MPS

Reduced carbon footprint. Whether on the road, out of town or at an alternate branch, employees no longer need to drive back to the office to do their printing. MPS can also provide businesses with environmentally friendly printing solutions, designed to save paper, energy and supplies.

  • An increased bottom line. Time is money. Mobile printing solutions offer employees the flexibility required to safely store print jobs until convenient to print, saving time and money. Improved document workflow is an added benefit, with less time spent searching for vital information.
  • Convenience. Print anytime and from anywhere with an internet or wireless connection.
  • Security. Mobile printing is a secure business practice, but only if the correct steps are taken to safeguard mobile devices. MPS can help by offering firewall and software protection solutions to defend against malware and hackers.

In order to remain competitive in today’s market, businesses need to keep an eye on the latest trends and technologies, while keeping the other eye on the bottom line. Mobile printing solutions offer owners and employees alike the opportunity to do business anytime, anywhere and to do it securely. MPS can help by providing security and printing solutions that allow you to focus on what really matters – growing your business. A successful business begins with a knowledgeable, professional MPS provider; request a wireless print assessment today.

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