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What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing? (+Benefits)

May 02, 2023 - Unified Communications

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing? (+Benefits)
Frederick Anderson

Posted by Frederick Anderson

So, you're probably familiar with Microsoft Teams, right? It’s a cloud-based communication platform that merges chat, voice, video, and file sharing, all within a single interface.

But did you know you can use this familiar and intuitive tool to boost your communication and collaboration capabilities?

This is where Microsoft Teams Direct Routing comes into play.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a robust, reliable, and cost-effective Unified Communications solution that enables organizations to use Teams as a business phone system.  

Let’s discuss how it works, its benefits, and how it can support a distributed workforce.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a powerful UCaaS solution that provides a public switched telephone network (PSTN) connection to Microsoft Teams users — allowing users to place and receive internal and external voice calls directly within the Teams app.

Historically, businesses have used a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system located on their premises for internal and external calls. However, with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, companies can now use a cloud-based telephony solution. This allows for a complete PBX voice-calling experience within or outside your organization without the hardware dependency and associated costs. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Direct routing elevates MS Teams from an internal communication tool into a fully operational business phone system. Here are some of the key benefits. 

Cost Savings – Eliminates the need for additional hardware, software, and associated maintenance costs. Direct routing also allows businesses to take advantage of lower-priced PSTN call rates.

Robust Features - Unlocks an expansive set of features, including SMS functionality, dynamic 911, call recording, eFax solutions, auto-attendants, call transferring, call queues, analytics, speed dial, Office 365 integration, and more.

Flexibility - Organizations can keep their existing business phone number, choose which telephony provider best suits their needs, and customize the solution accordingly.

Improved Productivity – Allows users to make and receive phone calls directly from Microsoft Teams, enabling real-time collaboration and maximizing productivity for remote and in-office employees.

Scalability – Businesses can scale their communications by simply adding or removing users, making it easier for companies to adjust their communications infrastructure as needs evolve.

Improved User Experience – Provides a consistent and intuitive user experience across multiple devices for internal and external communication. This helps create a more unified environment that increases productivity and reduces user frustration.

Excellent Support - A certified Microsoft Solutions Partner like SymQuest offers 24/7 support and monitoring to ensure technical issues are resolved quickly.

Better Call Quality - By connecting through the cloud voice infrastructure, users benefit from increased call quality and reliability compared to traditional landlines.

Enhanced SecurityEnd-to-end encryption ensures all communication is securely routed through the cloud, providing added security and privacy to your conversations.

Ready to Migrate Your Telecom to Microsoft Teams?

MS Teams Direct Routing helps organizations meet the evolving needs of their distributed workforce by offering enhanced connectivity and communication capabilities for the Microsoft ecosystem. The solutions' versatility empowers businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently while keeping all communication channels within one platform.

Businesses interested in Microsoft Teams Direct Routing should partner with an experienced UCaaS provider for migration, deployment, capacity management, analytics, and support. 

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