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How to Transform Your Business With a Custom Unified Communications Solution

April 07, 2021 - Unified Communications

How to Transform Your Business With a Custom Unified Communications Solution
Bill Marshall

Posted by Bill Marshall

Work environments are changing and organizations are being forced to change with them in order to meet new remote work parameters. Remote employees are being tasked with maintaining or exceeding current levels of productivity while facing more distractions and more cybersecurity threats.

How can organizations avoid communication disruptions caused by remote work environments and maintain continuity of business operations? The answer is an upgraded managed voice solution or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

A customized Unified Communications (UC) solution can transform the way businesses collaborate by combining digital phones with new applications and features that promote the smooth flow of business operations, improve employee productivity, and help achieve sustained business success.

Enable Remote Workforces With an Effective Unified Communication Solution

Remote workforces need to be fully engaged in real time with clients, prospects, and colleagues with the flexibility to transfer and route phone calls, create conference calls, and collaborate anywhere, at any time, from any device. An effective UC solution allows businesses to stay connected even in the midst of an unforeseen disaster like a global pandemic.

The digital workforce is no longer the future, it’s now. Success in this new technological landscape boils down to unifying communication, not only with your team, but across different departments and locations, making sure everyone is in sync even when it’s not an option to be in person.

A quality UC solution will combine everything organizations need to communicate into one centralized, easy-to-use interface. This synergy of technologies can transform businesses by improving productivity, reducing costs, and allowing for smooth scalability.

So what key elements and features make up a robust unified communication solution?

The service should include:

  • IP telephony
  • An instant messaging service
  • A contact list with user status/presence
  • Support for video and audio conference calls
  • Easy and reliable Unified Communications mobile app
  • Integration with CRM systems to keep track of customers
  • 800 number with 24x7 technical support staffed in the U.S.
  • Reliability and redundancy to maximize uptime and security
  • Use of Session Border Controller (SBC) for reliable call quality
  • Engineered approach with local technical staff able to help on-site
  • Flexible call routing to ensure all calls are answered and never missed

Benefits of a Robust Managed Voice Solution

The added functionality provided by a comprehensive UC solution should be easily available from any device — PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone — and at any time, from anywhere with internet access. Employees need a single interface that can switch seamlessly between phone calls, instant messaging, conference calls, and video conferencing in order to maintain productivity.

Businesses can expect to see immediate positive results in the following key areas.

  • Mobility - Whether an employee is stuck in an airport, working from home, or picking up the kids, their devices should connect them to employees and customers from anywhere with a powerful UC application.
  • Synergy - Cloud-based Unified Communications synergizes and stores all important business communications in one place. From instant messaging to voice calling and video conversation, managed voice weaves these tools together into one easy-to-access system.
  • Cost Reduction - Organizations that integrate a managed voice solution into their workflows can cut costs and boost productivity among staff. Businesses with managed UC solutions have the flexibility to reduce traveling costs as they can confidently rely on video conferencing tools to maintain business operations.
  • Business Continuity Planning - Is your organization prepared for an unforeseen disaster, or does it need to completely change its business operation to easily support a spreading pandemic? Unfortunately, fires, floods, and diseases can lead to a business being out of commission for some time. A Unified Communications system allows organizations to stay connected and collaborating from home, or anywhere else.

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Business As Usual with a Tailored Unified Communication Solution for Your Organization

A tailored Unified Communication solution provides high-definition digital call quality and seamlessly combines hardware - workstations, laptops, desk phones, tablets, and smartphones - with a secure and resilient cloud-based communications system. The skilled managed voice service provider will provide a personalized local approach to optimizing your communication infrastructure and 24/7 technical support to ensure operational continuity.

Managed voice solutions like Unified Communication can help businesses continue operations by providing a comprehensive communications system that can increase mobility and flexibility without sacrificing security. Businesses that increase their resilience and ability to embrace change by incorporating a managed voice solution will gain a competitive advantage now and in the future.

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Bill Marshall

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