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How to Improve Building Security with Thermal Imaging Cameras

June 30, 2020 - Security

How to Improve Building Security with Thermal Imaging Cameras
Peter Slabinski

Posted by Peter Slabinski

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in all industries are seeking new ways to improve their on-site security, from increased employee check-ups to more advanced video security systems. The goal behind these steps is to protect employees from health risks and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

One of the key aspects of building such a high level of security is thermal imaging technology, which can help monitor temperature and movement on a large scale.

How Thermal Imaging Can Improve On-Site Security

Reliable thermal imaging camera solutions can take security to the next level by using heat sensors to detect an increased temperature - a potential COVID-19 symptom. Given that businesses are doing their best to prevent further spread of the virus, many strict on-site rules - in accordance with CDC guidelines - will not allow individuals with a fever above 100.4 °F (38 °C) for more than 48 hours to enter the workplace.

Instead of conducting temperature checks on every individual who enters the building, businesses can monitor building entrances with advanced camera systems and receive an alert when a raised temperature is detected. Thermal imaging cameras can improve building security by making it easier and far more efficient to track multiple individuals at once

A high quality thermal imaging camera should feature a powerful CPU and a lens capable of capturing data in high resolution. This technology relies on heat signatures as a way of detecting certain metrics. With this, security teams in buildings equipped with thermal imaging cameras can easily monitor visitors’ temperature and even be alerted when someone is detected as not wearing a mask.

The MOBOTIX thermal imaging surveillance system features a smart camera with an excellent image quality and a waterproof frame. Thus, these thermal imaging cameras are far more durable and long lasting than regular security cameras.

The most unique feature of the MOBOTIX advanced security systems is the decentralized approach, meaning very little computing power is needed to operate. This makes them highly cost-effective and even easier to scale and integrate into already existing traditional security systems. In other words, these cameras do not require any licenses or dedicated servers, which makes them a low-cost and low-maintenance solution.

Take Video Security to the Next Level

Thermal imaging camera features can benefit businesses during the current pandemic and even after this critical period. Therefore, an investment in such technology will pay off even after the current crisis. Hospitals, commercial buildings, public transport stations, and other facilities where large groups of people might be gathering can significantly benefit from an advanced video surveillance system with integrated thermal technology. When looking at the current situation of the world, it is safe to say that temperature checks, and wearing masks indoors and in groups is becoming the “new normal.”

However, that is not the only reason why thermal imaging technology is worth the investment. For instance, these cameras can detect overheating in large machinery and similar structures and thus help teams deal with potential issues before it’s too late. Additionally, advanced monitoring of large areas can improve building security and make workplaces safer by detecting unwanted behavior such as objects being left behind and crowd recognition, among many other capabilities.

The Thermal Imaging Solution

Overall, thermal imaging technology is worth the investment for its wide spectrum of capabilities. Most importantly in the current era, it will increase the chances of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus within workplaces, as well as help teams monitor activities with ease.

Thermal imaging technology can be implemented in many industries, from medical and healthcare facilities to construction sites and various commercial settings. The entire concept of boosting building security through an integrated video surveillance system is worth taking into consideration, with or without the global pandemic.

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Peter Slabinski

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Peter Slabinski

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