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5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Video Surveillance System for Your Organization

September 03, 2020 - Security

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Video Surveillance System for Your Organization
Peter Slabinski

Posted by Peter Slabinski

Video surveillance systems can provide businesses and building managers alike with peace of mind and confidence that their assets are safe at all times. In the COVID-19 era, video surveillance cameras also provide an added layer of safety with thermal imaging and crowd detection features to ensure maximum prevention of spreading the virus.

Purchasing a video surveillance system can be a big decision for many businesses, so before investing, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Investing a Video Surveillance System

From what type of camera to get, to picking essential features, the following questions will help guide purchasing decisions and make sure the video system will work for the business for years to come.

1. What Type of Camera Do I Need?

There are many different types of cameras, and identifying which one is best suited for the building’s needs is the first step to picking the right surveillance system.

Indoor Cameras are discreet and multipurpose, making them perfect for monitoring entire rooms without blind spots. These are useful for customer flow analysis, theft investigations, and employee monitoring.

Outdoor Cameras are designed to withstand more extreme conditions than indoor cameras. They are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, and remain functional in low visibility conditions.

Thermal Imaging Cameras detect heat signatures to identify hot spots and cool zones, helping to detect intrusion with no-light visibility, indicate elevated body temperatures, or even serve as an early warning for fires.

2. Do I Need Access Control?

Access control is important in determining who has access to the building. Key cards, fobs, or digital passes can provide a barrier of entry to anyone entering the building, or private rooms within a building. However, security cameras can also monitor access control by remotely opening a two-way communication channel and securely opening the door once the visitor has been approved.

Organizations can leverage IP cameras to stay connected to live surveillance footage, recordings, and data from cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, or desktop computers. This provides security monitors with flexibility and scalability to manage their processes from anywhere.

3. Do I Need to Monitor the System Remotely?

When necessary, organizations have the choice to monitor their systems remotely. This is especially helpful for organizations where the security point-person isn’t always on-site, or for small businesses where owners need their systems to be flexible and mobile.

4. What Features Will Help Better Protect My Organization?

In addition to basic video surveillance features, additional tools can help create a holistic security system tailored to any building or business’s needs. These features might include:

  • Crowd Detection
  • People Counting
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Motion Detection
  • Duress Buttons
  • Integration into Existing Systems
  • Add-On Capabilities for Growing Organizations

These additional features can help foster a safe return to work or school during the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying elevated temperatures or overcrowded areas, while also helping with theft prevention and seamless security systems integration.

5. Should My Organization Purchase a Video Surveillance System from a Box Store?

While the price point of box store video surveillance systems may be attractive, these cameras present significant cybersecurity risks. Without appropriate cybersecurity measures, enterprise systems are vulnerable to hackers or other attacks.

Instead, a video surveillance system like MOBOTIX can provide the technical support and expert counseling necessary for professional organizations’ needs. As cybersecurity threats become increasingly complex and costly, it is worth businesses’ time and money to invest in robust cybersecurity protection for their video surveillance systems.

Find the Right Video Surveillance System for Your Organization

Video surveillance is a foundational element of any security system, and choosing the right one can allow businesses to track customer flow, prevent theft, or monitor employees. MOBOTIX services also go beyond basic video surveillance with a suite of customizable features, including thermal imaging and crowd detection to maintain recommended physical spacing guidelines and keep everyone safe and healthy.

Finding a video surveillance system that works for your business and is tailored to your needs is worth the investment, giving you peace of mind.

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